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How do I search for my ideal hotel on Flight & Hotel Guru?
First, go to our search form at and enter the city where you’d like to locate a hotel room, as well as the date you’ll need it, and number of guests that will be staying in the room. Then click the “Search” button. Search results can be filtered by by price, number of stars, available facilities (e.g. pool, gym, etc.), distance to attractions and more! Once you find the property that fits your needs, all you have to do is click on the "View Deal" button, which will forward you to the booking site that has the actual room. It’s really that easy!
Where do hotel reviews come from?
All reviews that you see on Flight & Hotel Guru are from verified hotel guests. We collect guest reviews from multiple booking systems, making the Flight&HotelGuru's hotel ratings more accurate. Rest assured that the reviews we collect are 100% real and trustworthy.
I am not sure if my hotel room booking went through. How do I find out?
It might take some time before you receive the booking confirmation email. However, if you haven’t received the confirmation within half an hour, go ahead and contact the hotel/travel company you booked with directly to confirm if your booking went through. Friendly tip: don’t try to book the hotel again before contacting the hotel/travel company, because you could end up with two bookings!
I need to change/cancel my hotel booking. How do I do that?
Flight & Hotel Guru is a travel search engine, which means that we do not actually sell hotel rooms. How it works is that we aggregate millions of hotel deals in one place. In order to complete your hotel booking, you are redirected to a provider’s webpage. Once your hotel booking is complete you would receive a booking confirmation directly from the provider (that being a hotel or travel company). If you need to make changes/cancel your hotel booking, you’ll need to touch-base with the provider directly. If you are not sure which company you booked with - check out the booking confirmation email, you must find this information there.
How does Flight & Hotel Guru find such great hotel deals?
Flight & Hotel Guru processes millions of hotel queries monthly and displays search results from thousands of travel sites. We constantly update the lists of companies we work with to make sure that our users see as many available options as possible. So, rest assured that when you use our search engine you always get the best variety of travel options and deals.
Does Flight & Hotel Guru show more price comparison options than competitors?
Absolutely! We constantly update the list of companies we compare prices from, which means that users of Flight & Hotel Guru potentially see more available travel options than users of other travel search engines.

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