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Flight & Hotel Guru is a free and independent travel meta-search engine and blog, where you can compare prices on flights, hotels, car hire and airport taxi, as well as get some travel inspiration. We give travelers an overview of available travel options without adding any extra fees. We don’t sell travel, but simply show you all the available prices, deals and offers on flights, hotels, car hire and transfers. You choose the deal that fits you best and then with just one click you get redirected to your chosen site where you can complete your booking.

Our vision

We would like everyone to be able to travel the World! Our vision is the World without borders, where each and every culture is celebrated; the World in which there is no place for hate or intolerance.

Our approach

100% price transparency

We find and compare billions of real time prices on flights, hotels and cars so you get the latest deals – and we don’t add any fees.

You are anonymous

The prices you see are never affected by your searches, no matter how many you make, and we don’t sell your data to any third parties.

Trusted and free

Flight & Hotel Guru is 100% free to use and it will always be! That’s why people choose us as their honest travel booking partner!


Remember: as a travel search engine, Flight & Hotel Guru doesn’t sell or process your tickets and bookings. Therefore, if you have questions regarding your booking, please, contact the travel agency or airline directly.

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