Get compensation on delayed or cancelled flight

Get Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Did you know that every month there are on average almost 50,000 flight cancellations and 800,000 delays happening globally?

You probably find it crazy, right? We are shocked about the numbers as well! Therefore, in this short yet very informative article we would like to introduce you to how you can get compensation for delayed or cancelled flight, or if you were denied boarding or missed a connecting flight!

First of all, let us discuss your rights!
  • If you booked a flight that departed from Europe or was handled by a European airline and it got cancelled, under the EU Law you have a legal right to a full refund and a replacement flight to get to your destination. Furthermore, if the cancellation delays you for 2 or more hours you also have a legal right to receive a compensation for the costs incurred because of the delay.
  • Flight Delays:
  • If your flight is delayed for 2 or more hours your airline has to give you: food and drinks, access to phone calls and emails. If you are delayed overnight, the airline should offer you paid accomodation and cover journeys between airport and hotel. The airline should give you vouchers for all these things at the airport. However, in the event if you haven’t received any help, definitely keep receipts!

At we have partnered with Compensair. Now you can claim up to €600 per passenger in case of delayed flight, cancelled flight, denied boarding or missed connection!


How it works?
  • Submit your application for free: enter your flight details and a short description. It takes 2 minutes only!
  • Get your compensation: Compensair transfers you the money minus a 25% success fee.

Compensair handles all the paper work for yourself. They prepare the supporting arguments for the claim and forward it to the airline. If the airline refuses to pay, Compensair may initiate a legal process in court. In this case, they cover all the legal fees and additional costs.

It only takes 2 minutes for you to send an application! Press on the banners to submit your application now!


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