If you are going on a short weekend or business trip, avoid paying checked luggage fees by travelling with a small bag! You might think it’s impossible, but let me prove you that it is, actually, perfectly possible. In this short yet very informative blog post, I would like to share how to avoid checking luggage: 4 Must-Know Tips.

Take a carry-on bag instead of checking in a luggage bag

Most airlines charge fees for checked-in luggage. Those fees normally start at $25. I do believe that those $25 look better in your pocket or they could be spent on something cool at your destination. Also, many times, during, for example, long-haul flights, we often find ourself looking for something that might be in our luggage (it can be an iPad, a book and etc.). Packing all of those things in a carry-on gives you the flexibility of having everything with you without sacrificing your comfort.

Do you remember that annoying moment of realizing that your luggage has been lost? Nowadays airlines lose passengers’ luggage suprisingly often. Avoid that by taking a carry-on.

If you need help with choosing a great value carry-on luggage, please, check this blog post where I discuss the best carry-on bags the money can buy!

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Versatile outfits

Try to pack clothes that can be versatile. For example, for girls, a simple top can go with jeans during the day and a skirt during the night. Men can take one pair of pants and combine it with a simple t-shirt during the day and a more dressy shirt during the night. This tip will help you reduce the amount of clothing you pack by half and therefore, checked-in luggage can easily be avoided.

3-1-1 Toiletries

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take large toiletries in your carry-on. Therefore, I would like to recommend you follow a 3-1-1 rule, take 3 items of three ounces or less in one zip-top plastic bag. Check out these refilable travel-sized liquid bottles.

+ take a backpack or messenger bag in addition to your carry-on

Have you forgotten that on most airlines you are allowed to take one personal item in addition to your carry-on?! I would recommed you to opt in for a more spacious bag. I really like taking a backpack, but if they make you feel as a kid try to take a tote or messenger bag instead.

Are these tips useful to you? Let me know in the comments below!