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Looking for a cheap airfare to Sydney? Our users found cheap flights to Sydney for $62 round-trip and even less! Melbourne to Sydney for $62; Adelaide to Sydney for $106; Kuala Lumpur to Sydney for $123.

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Airlines that operate flights to Sydney on a regular basis include Air New Zealand, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Qatar Airways and Emirates.

The cheapest month to fly to Sydney is November. High season is considered to be from December to early February.

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Sydney Airport is located 7 kilometers away from the city centre of Sydney. Numerous public transportation options are available to/from Sydney Airport. The fastest way to get from the airport to the city is by taking a train which departs every 10 minutes. The train ride is going to take about 15 minutes. Other transportation options to/from Sydney Airport include taxi and shuttle services.

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Current best deals on cheap flights to Sydney

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Melbourne28.04.202101.05.2021Tickets from 54
Coolangatta (Gold Coast)16.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 65
Ballina06.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 74
Hobart28.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 93
Brisbane18.05.202119.05.2021Tickets from 93
Adelaide26.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 103
Launceston24.05.202127.05.2021Tickets from 139
Ayers Rock24.04.202128.04.2021Tickets from 161
Canberra27.04.202128.04.2021Tickets from 173
Singapore10.10.202116.10.2021Tickets from 203
Cairns17.08.202120.08.2021Tickets from 244
Perth11.06.202114.06.2021Tickets from 260
Proserpine21.04.202127.04.2021Tickets from 290
Auckland12.05.202117.05.2021Tickets from 305
Rockhampton28.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 314
Kuala Lumpur21.10.202125.10.2021Tickets from 343
Wellington12.05.202118.05.2021Tickets from 435
Darwin23.04.202125.04.2021Tickets from 436
Christchurch14.05.202118.05.2021Tickets from 461
Bangkok06.02.202211.02.2022Tickets from 490
Hong Kong10.10.202116.10.2021Tickets from 535
Jakarta10.10.202116.10.2021Tickets from 607
Nelson23.04.202124.04.2021Tickets from 609
Tauranga30.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 613
Alice Springs24.04.202128.04.2021Tickets from 666
London02.11.202108.11.2021Tickets from 908
Tel Aviv-Yafo19.05.202124.05.2021Tickets from 920
Denpasar05.08.202107.08.2021Tickets from 958
Phoenix07.11.202113.11.2021Tickets from 975
Istanbul01.04.202204.04.2022Tickets from 984
Los Angeles25.09.202101.10.2021Tickets from 1 004
Saint Petersburg01.03.202206.03.2022Tickets from 1 047
Washington03.12.202109.12.2021Tickets from 1 049
Seoul12.07.202118.07.2021Tickets from 1 056
New York10.08.202115.08.2021Tickets from 1 058
Dallas02.12.202108.12.2021Tickets from 1 060
Dubai01.12.202105.12.2021Tickets from 1 063
San Francisco21.07.202127.07.2021Tickets from 1 094
Beijing30.06.202106.07.2021Tickets from 1 108
Toronto24.07.202127.07.2021Tickets from 1 110
Colombo09.08.202115.08.2021Tickets from 1 125
Copenhagen14.02.202218.02.2022Tickets from 1 170
Moscow21.10.202124.10.2021Tickets from 1 215
Richmond21.02.202227.02.2022Tickets from 1 242
Baltimore04.12.202110.12.2021Tickets from 1 267
Warsaw13.09.202119.09.2021Tickets from 1 277
Sharjah01.12.202105.12.2021Tickets from 1 342
Porto25.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 1 382
Frankfurt03.05.202108.05.2021Tickets from 1 414
Kyiv21.08.202127.08.2021Tickets from 1 414
Munich08.05.202113.05.2021Tickets from 1 416
Odessa23.08.202128.08.2021Tickets from 1 427
Naples11.06.202116.06.2021Tickets from 1 548
Stockholm24.04.202129.04.2021Tickets from 1 595
Cologne01.04.202203.04.2022Tickets from 1 622
Prague17.05.202123.05.2021Tickets from 1 629
Miami21.07.202125.07.2021Tickets from 1 646
Rostov06.09.202110.09.2021Tickets from 1 654
Sofia30.05.202105.06.2021Tickets from 1 774
Dusseldorf07.05.202112.05.2021Tickets from 1 814
Vladivostok23.07.202125.07.2021Tickets from 1 827
Kharkov19.08.202124.08.2021Tickets from 1 838
Atlanta01.07.202106.07.2021Tickets from 1 889
Charlotte26.09.202102.10.2021Tickets from 1 892
Glasgow22.08.202125.08.2021Tickets from 1 901
Tagbilaran01.06.202105.06.2021Tickets from 1 931
Ufa02.09.202108.09.2021Tickets from 1 976
Berlin30.04.202105.05.2021Tickets from 2 032
Ljubljana05.05.202110.05.2021Tickets from 2 057
Honolulu30.05.202103.06.2021Tickets from 2 128
Almaty04.10.202109.10.2021Tickets from 2 155
Rome29.04.202104.05.2021Tickets from 2 158
Minsk14.06.202120.06.2021Tickets from 2 179
Tallinn03.07.202107.07.2021Tickets from 2 182
Orlando27.05.202101.06.2021Tickets from 2 225
Bishkek07.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 2 230
Denver23.04.202126.04.2021Tickets from 2 280
Nizhniy Novgorod02.06.202108.06.2021Tickets from 2 295
Yekaterinburg11.09.202117.09.2021Tickets from 2 343
Simferopol14.08.202116.08.2021Tickets from 2 361
Krasnodar01.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 2 373
Chelyabinsk01.08.202107.08.2021Tickets from 2 390
San Diego30.05.202103.06.2021Tickets from 2 395
Riga24.05.202128.05.2021Tickets from 2 397
Antalya14.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 2 410
Oslo24.04.202129.04.2021Tickets from 2 415
Taipei01.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 2 506
Nur-Sultan (Astana)25.12.202129.12.2021Tickets from 2 512
Tokyo17.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 2 537
Ontario30.05.202103.06.2021Tickets from 2 566
Tbilisi25.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 2 584
New Orleans23.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 2 592
Larnaca11.05.202115.05.2021Tickets from 2 607
Kansas City25.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 2 624
Vilnius10.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 2 693
Samara12.07.202117.07.2021Tickets from 2 700
Calgary06.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 2 741
Krasnojarsk11.10.202117.10.2021Tickets from 2 749
Athens18.10.202119.10.2021Tickets from 2 751
Lviv26.04.202130.04.2021Tickets from 2 817

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FAQs - booking flights to Sydney

How long is a flight to Sydney?
Flight time to Sydney can vary greatly based on the origin of your flight. A domestic flight to Sydney from Melbourne takes just 1h 25m. An international flight to Sydney from Los Angeles takes around 15h 30m, while a flight to Sydney from New York is going to take on average 20 hours.
Which airlines fly to Sydney?
From the United States, airlines that operate regular flights to Sydney are American Airlines, Delta and United.
What is the cheapest month to fly to Sydney?
The cheapest month to fly to Sydney is considered November. Friendly tip: remember to always book your flight in advance in order to secure the best deal on your flight ticket.
What is the cheapest day to fly to Sydney?
Tuesday is considered the cheapest day to fly to Sydney. So, to get the best deal on your flight to Sydney, make sure to check out the flights that depart on Tuesdays.
How does Flight & Hotel Guru find such low flight prices?
Flight & Hotel Guru processes millions of flight queries monthly and displays search results from over 700 airlines and hundreds of third-party travel sites. We constantly update the lists of airlines and travel sites we work with to make sure that our users see as many available travel options as possible. So, rest assured that when you use our search engine you always get the best variety of flight prices and deals.
Does Flight & Hotel Guru show more price comparison options than competitors?
Absolutely! We constantly update the list of our partner airlines and travel companies we compare prices from, which means that users of Flight & Hotel Guru potentially see more available travel options than users of other travel search engines.

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